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Custom Spotify Lamp Personalized Night Light Romantic Photo Light Gifts for Lover

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The acrylic plate is one of the highlights of this night light. We provide customized services, you can choose any picture you like, whether it is precious moments of family, love, friendship, or your creative design, we can accurately print it on acrylic cards for you. When the night light is turned on, the gentle light shines through your customized pattern, creating a unique visual effect that fills your room with personality and emotion.

In addition, our night light also incorporates the innovative design of Spotify audio track code. You can choose a special song, and we will generate the corresponding Spotify track code for you and engrave it on the acrylic card. Just scan it with your phone and enjoy the beautiful melody of this song anytime, anywhere, combining music with light and shadow to add charm to your night.

Finally, we also offer name customization to make this night light more personalized. Your name, or the name of that special someone you want to gift it to, can be engraved on this beautiful night light, making it an exclusive gift that cannot be duplicated.

Whether as a birthday gift, an anniversary gift, or as a small blessing in your daily life, this custom wood base night light is perfect. This is more than just a night light, it is a piece of art representing your personality and taste.