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Custom Christmas Tree Clear Acrylic Heart Shaped Thumb Piano 8 Key Mini Kalimba



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  • Mini Kalimba's voice is clear and natural. Just move your thumb to get wonderful music, make your day happy, and reduce the pressure of work or study.
  • Easy to Play: Without any music basis, you just move your thumb to get the wonderful music that delights your day long.
  • Tuning instructions: Before delivery, we will adjust the tone and deliver the goods according to the international standard C of the thumb piano. Due to the long transportation distance, there will inevitably be a slight bump the way, you can use a tuner or to help us on tuningdownload a tuner APP.Android system APP: gstring Apple system APP: ins tuner
  • Clear and Melodious Sound: Notes are sustained longer steadily. The sound will be more beautiful.
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Production Time: 2-4 business days to handcraft.
  • Free instructions